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Pretty cool!

Very nice app!! Love it!


The letter combinations are frustrating. Would be awesome if you could make more than 20 three- letter words. I get bored very quickly with this. I have another similar game that is played against others that is still a 4x4 board but the letters generated allow you to find longer words. Much more exciting.

Could be better

Would be better if it only included common words, not these 3 letter nonsensical combinations (even if they are words.. Makes it lame)


Good to test how many long words you can find.


This is an entertaining game. Enjoyable!

Fun but misses words

This is a great game for those addicted to words; however, it lacks a complete internal dictionary of possibilities as many words Ive found are not accepted such as eden or opa. Some French, but not all, words accepted. Same for other languages where words have crept into English. Enjoyable but sometimes frustrating in its limitations.


Silly me! Because I live in North America, I arrogantly assumed the game would be in English as there was no option for any other official language. Not so. The game accepts some foreign words as well as some non-existent words. So be it but if you feel compelled to reach a given number of words, you had better be very creative. Not an appealing game for word purists.


This used to be my favorite game. Then, out of nowhere, they changed their format, no warning! Now, its a terrible game! I will delete it if it doesnt change back to its original format soon. So disappointing!

Cant save game

I enjoy the challenge but in order to complete finding all the possible words, it takes time. Hard to complete in one non stop play. Hard to believe it does not save your game. I find this a big negative. I have discovered that my iPod touch saves the game indefinitely when I return to it but will not save on my IPad. Strange. I continue playing the game anyway because I do love it. I have bumped the game to 4 stars from 3.

Glitch, glitch!

I love it, but it keeps quitting on me ... I really like it but it doesnt work... I uninstalled it twice and is still messed up.... Deleted!

A great challenge

An addicting scramble game, lots of fun. Love that all possible words displayed at the end. Would like a limitless more visual contrast between words I got and words I didnt.


Really fun! . But...... It gets boring after a while and half the words arent even real!

The best app

Its so much fun I play it every day and Im very smart I think yall should get it

Love it!

Very enjoyable, you will love it!

Only one flaw

It irks me that I lose the game if I have to say check the weather or find a restaurant or whatever. Cant you make it so you can leave it and then come back to it and continue?


Love it on the IPad Hate it on the IPhone : turns itself off ????

Been waiting for a game like this.

Got tired of Words with friends..good replacement


Love the whole package on this game..... Plays well. Smooth! Great job devs! Would like to be able to play others as well as one player. ... Thank you and Keep up the good work!

Great game

This game is too much fun.

Really fun

It can be as hard or easy as you like. I can see wasting a LOT of time on this one.

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